Remedy Youth

We are under attack from a virus, a virus that doesn’t care who we are or where we came from. It’s unprejudiced, very strong, and gaining ground on this world each and every day. It’s infecting whomever it can, and has done its share of damage on all of us. Sin is strong and it’s growing ramped and our world needs a cure, an antidote, a Remedy. Youth Ministry is crucial for a local church body. From 12-18 years old, young people start to decide who they are going to be. Not just vocationally, but personally. They start asking questions of how they want to describe themselves. In their schools, they start to distinguish themselves with other people; they start to label themselves. This age is the most important age for a Christ-Follower; it can make or break their walk with God for the rest of their life. Sin is at its strongest, because the enemy knows that this is when young people are the most vulnerable, and most moldable. If there is an age of people that need to hear about a Remedy for sin, it’s the youth.
We believe that our young people need to know that although sin is strong, our Remedy, Jesus Christ is not only stronger, but conquered sin. He’s cured the virus. That is the vision of Remedy, to be a place where teenagers come to find a cure for the things of this world, and they find that cure in Jesus Christ.