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Our Mission


Children are awesome! It’s not hard for a child to show love and compassion to someone. Children forgive so quickly and never hold any grudges. And lets not forget how children are full of joy, always able to make us laugh. In the end, we really can learn a lot from children!


CA Kids is a children’s ministry that revolves around learning about our Father. It’s easy to teach children how to be like children. Like Christ said, when we are humble, it is easy to learn and grow with Him. CA Kids is all about building a rock solid foundation in the lives of children, as they grow. From the youngest infant to the biggest child, we have the privilege to share and live out God’s Word. Currently on Sunday mornings, we have 4 rooms organized by age: infants, toddlers, young explorers (Age 4 – 1st Grade), and School Age (2nd Grade – 6th Grade). The volunteer teachers and helpers at  CA Kids are committed to sharing and living God’s Word out towards their young students. The children are learning from real people who really love God.


Sunday Morning – 11 am service

After worship:



     -Young Explorers (K-1st Grade)

     -School Age (2nd-6th Grade)



“Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

1 John 3:18


So we heard and we’re taught about stories in the Bible, but now what? What does that mean for me and my life, how am I supposed to act, how am I supposed to live it out? How am I supposed to worship? How am I supposed to pray? How am I supposed to live?


That is what CA Kids is all about. CA Kids is taking what is taught, and showing how it should be lived. Through worship, prayer time, journaling, activities and crafts, the children are encouraged not just to learn about God, but to live for Him.



Meet our Childrens Pastor Rhonda Belles
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