Beginning Sunday, May 31, we will be reopening the church building as we proceed with PHASE II of our coronavirus service resumption plan. 

What we face as a country is unprecedented for this generation. What we face as a church is unprecedented as well. God has been faithful to provide a means, using technology, to proclaim the Good News, and to make disciples. Now, we are about to take the first steps toward resuming what is the very essence of the church: God’s people, physically gathered together to worship, share the Word, and uphold one another in prayer, exhortation, and fellowship.

As we take these first steps, we need to do so with wisdom, patience, and faith. As the well-known song by Peter Scholtes says: They will Know We are Christians by our Love. We have the opportunity to show the love of God to one another at this time. Let’s work together and see what God will do!
The leadership at Christian Assembly thanks all of you for your faithfulness.
We ask that any members who plan on attending the service please take time to watch this instructional walkthrough video detailing the precautionary safety measures we will be following as a church body: